There was a recent news Headline that received a lot of attention - but also confused a number of people.

It read  "Buyer Demand Is Down, Sales Are Down, Prices Are UP"

How can there be less demand and sales going down, without the prices doing the same?

The answer, and what the media failed to disclose, is that while the volume of sales is in fact lower, the demand is still far exceeding the amount of inventory available.  Back in December we were seeing as many as 15 to 20 offers on 1 bedroom condos.   Now in April, demand is down resulting in only 10 to 12 offers on these homes.    There are still 10+ interested buyers for every quality home that hits the market!  (Area and home type / price specific of course.)   When you have that many people interested in a limited product, prices will continue to rise.  

The Spring Market is known as one of the best times to sell your home for the maximum price.   If you've been thinking about making this move: 

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Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver

Set in the heart of North Vancouver, Crest by Adera is nostalgic in character, contemporary in style, and defines West Coast living at its best. Heading to work or hitting the trails are equally effortless and stepping out for coffee or staying home is just as rewarding. Crest puts you at the epi-center of convenience while simultaneously offering a tranquil sanctuary. If you thrive in an urban West Coast environment, Crest will make you feel right at home. 

Completing 2020

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